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PhillyCAM is in DC testifying before the FCC today 2020-6-7 · A contingent from PhillyCAM, Philadelphia’s public access TV and radio station, is heading to D.C. today to oppose the FCC’s vote on a rule change they say would would hurt Philly’s local public, educational and government (PEG) access television channels.. PhillyCAM says that the proposed rule change would “essentially rewrite” the Cable Television Consumer Protection and The FCC today made it easier for - Federal The FCC today made it easier for individuals who have lost their employment during the # coronavirus pandemic and who qualify for Lifeline benefits to enroll in the Lifeline program.. Chairman Pai said, “I’m glad we’re granting this relief today, which will help those who may have only recently become eligible for Lifeline to sign up for the program and stay connected to vital broadband

This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action

FCC OKs Ligado’s L-Band plan amid DoD opposition 2020-7-17 · Despite major pushback from the Department of Defense (DoD), the FCC today announced that it unanimously approved, with conditions, Ligado’s application to deploy a low-power terrestrial Sprint, T-Mobile File Merger Request With FCC Today

Washington, DC – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today adopted a Second Report and Order, First Order on Reconsideration, and Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Order) that will advance the offering of digital radio services to American consumers, as part of the broader digital migration that is underway across all media.

Well, this HTC 0P6B120 was approved by the FCC today - a necessary hurdle to clear before the handset hits shelves in the US. The FCC reveals that the 0P6B120 / The All New HTC One features AT&T-friendly LTE connectivity. This is in line with previous rumors which …