Link-Local. Link-local addresses are something new in IPv6. As the wording implies, these addresses only work on the local link, we never route these addresses. These addresses are used to send and receive IPv6 packets on a single subnet. When you enable IPv6 on an interface then the device will automatically create a link-local address.

See RFC 5735 (for IPv4) or RFC 2373 (for IPv6). is_reserved¶ True if the address is otherwise IETF reserved. is_loopback¶ True if this is a loopback address. See RFC 3330 (for IPv4) or RFC 2373 (for IPv6). is_link_local¶ True if the address is reserved for link-local usage. See RFC 3927. class ipaddress.IPv6Address (address) ¶ Construct an Whenever such a gadget looses its configured IP address (or you forget it, or the default is not in your local IPv4 network AND unknown), there is a simple measure to reconfigure it: run a ping for all local IPv6 nodes, and then open a browser and configure it using the so acquired IPv6 local link address - right? - no. The only browser you Unfortunately, Mikrotik does not allow manual configuration of the link-local address. It auto-generates the address using EUI-64. You could possibly create a specific link-local address based on this by manually specifying the MAC address of your WAN interface to a value whose EUI-64 conversion is what you want, but unfortunately, the address your ISP specifies is impossible to generate using Mar 30, 2020 · IPv6 link-local addresses are defined by RFC 4291 (IPv6 Addressing Architecture) and are covered by the prefix fe80::/10. In practice, only fe80::/64 is used. In practice, only fe80::/64 is used. At first glance, IPv6 link-local addresses are similar to IPv4 link-local addresses, which are defined in RFC 3927 (Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link IPv6 Link Local addresses are used by devices for communicating with other nodes on the same link. The scope of an IPv6 Link Local address is the local link. IPv6 Link Local addresses are auto-generated and many international technology leaders generate IPv6 Link Local addresses from MAC Address of the interface. When private (cluster only) networks with multiple NICs are detected, the cluster will automatically recognize IPv6 Link Local (fe80) IP addresses for each NIC on each subnet. This saves administrators time since they no longer have to manually configure IPv6 Link Local (fe80) IP Address resources.

Configuring an IPv6 link-local address

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Statically defined IPv6 link-local. Like most defaults, we can override them. For example, below I am assigning FE80::1 as the IPv6 link-local address for Router A and FE80::2 as the IPv6 link-local address for Router B.

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