Delete specific Google services or your Google Account If you're no longer interested in using specific Google services, like Gmail or YouTube, you can sign in to your Google Account to delete them. You can even delete your entire account and all your data, like emails and photos.

Google Photos will save all the photos you take on the iPhone, but if you delete something from the Apple Photos app, it won’t necessarily delete it from Google Photos. However, if you try to Oct 01, 2019 · Open the Google Photos app from your phone’s home screen. Tap Photos at the bottom left of the screen. Tap on the Menu button at the top right of the screen. Tap on either Select or Select photos. Tap on the duplicate photos that you want to delete. When you select them, a blue check mark will appear to the top left of each photo. You can delete any of your photos in Google Photos by selecting them and then clicking on the trash bin icon. This will move the photos to the trash bin. After a certain amount of time, anything in the trash bin will be deleted. Jun 12, 2020 · Recover deleted photos Files app recovery feature is an awesome recovery app for deleted photo and picture deleted and for recovery of deleted images. Photo and video restore or photo video recovery have never been this easy and this app does not require root. If you delete your photo or mistaken you deleted images from your smartphone so dont worry about photo recovery. Recover documents Get the Google Photos app to back up and view photos on your Android and iOS devices. Google apps. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys Apr 10, 2020 · Google Photos is a savior for avid photographers and online creators looking for a place to store and backup their pics and videos. Not only does it include a free tier, but it also lets you store

Nov 30, 2019 · Google has a 15 GB limit until you have to start paying but if you delete a lot of photos, this frees up a lot of storage. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t a specific button or function that allows you to delete all of your google photos as once, but there is a manual way to do it. Let’s get started… Delete All Photos in Google Photos . 1. Jul 17, 2020 · Tap “Grant to get the app’s main window. Tap on “System Apps” to see a list of all the apps on your device. Select an app you would like to remove. In the free version, you can only remove one app at a time. Feb 19, 2020 · 3. Google Photos Delete Duplicates - Delete a Whole Folder/Album. Drag the duplicate photos into a folder and delete. Or, if you can figure out what photos should be stored in the folder/album which contains duplicates, just delete a whole folder/album and re-upload all photos belong to the folder/album from local device. All you need to do is turn off backup and sync in the Google Photos app, then go to Photos.Google.Com and delete everything that on Google Photos that you don't want stored, Platinum Product Expert

Jul 13, 2018 · Here’s how to delete all of your iPhone or iPad photos in just a few easy steps. Important: Before you begin, of course, make sure you back up any photos you don’t want to lose permanently. You can use a cloud storage service —like iDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive—for this, but you have to be careful.

Jan 22, 2019 · That said, Google Photos app has its quirks. Apart from not providing a satisfactory user interface for device folders (other albums in the gallery), it's difficult to delete photos. May 08, 2020 · Option 1 – Launch Google Photos on your phone and select a photo for removal. Then tap the triple dots icon toward the top to open the menu. Then just choose ‘ Delete from Device’, and that photo will be removed from your phone but not Google Photos. Option 2 – Head to Settings in Google Photos and choose ‘ Free up device storage’.