How can I find out what my IP address is? If for some reason you need to know what your public IP address is, we, who always help customers and non-customers, explain it step by step. You can use one of our tools that tells you at all times what your IP is. To do this, access this page. Upon entering, a little below, you will see your public IP:

How to Force Your PC to Keep Its Private IP Address Sep 14, 2018 How to fix when Wi-Fi is stuck "Obtaining IP Address"? Oct 14, 2017 How To Fix "Server IP Address could Not Be Found" Hi, novice UK user on W10…suddenly my desktop is coming up with ‘NO IP ADDRESS FOUND’ when I go onto my regular sites such as Amazon uk or Ancestry…I have tried all the suggestions made to me and its still happening…can you help please…many thanks. Reply. Prinnc3 says:

My IP address shows the wrong location. Have you been to a website (or used an app) that was able to tell what city and state you are in? This is called geolocation and it's powered by third-party databases. Not all geolocation services are the same. These services use …

The site runs your IP address through several web services and displays the city and country where it thinks you're located. Note that geolocation isn't a precise science, so don't worry if there

Mar 01, 2011 · They asked me why in the heck their IP address appeared to be coming from the other side of the country? Honestly, I can understand why this would freak someone out! Imagine not understanding what is going on as you do an check only to see the IP looking odd.

How to find my IP address in Windows 10? - Microsoft Community Oct 07, 2018