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This issue occurs because the SPN for the web resources is only registered with the CNAME. A Windows 7-based or Windows Server 2008 R2-based client computer requests a Kerberos ticket for the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the web resources. 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid Aug 06, 2014 How to fix 'Your connection is not private' error | NordVPN Jun 26, 2019 DAZN vpn blocking - DAZN - Help and Customer Support. DAZN uses cookies to help us deliver our services and improve your user experience.

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Are you using VPN? And is the game freshly installed? no vpn. Yes it's a fresh install Try restarting your PC if it's a fresh install. What is a 403 Forbidden Error (and How Can I Fix It)? Jul 05, 2018 cisco • View topic • Reason 401: An unrecognized error

About 404 errors and how to Troubleshoot it? By Jithin on October 14th, 2016. What are 404 errors? The 404 is an http status code. There are many other status codes as 401, 403, etc.

Feb 20, 2008 ASP.NET Windows authentication with wrong identity over VPN I have ASP.NET application with windows authentication. When I browse it from home over VPN (Cisco VPN Client) as a username in the windows identity I get "my-pc-name\my-pc-username" not the credentials from the AD of the server (the same that I am using to connect to the VPN) even though I fill them in the prompt for localhost authentication from the browser. VPN Troubleshooting Guide – Fix VPN Connection Problems