Jun 13, 2019

Webmin File ACLs The module should now appear in Webmin configuration menus. How to authorize a user. Connect to Webmin: Login as root. Go to Webmin Users. Select Create a new Webmin User. Fill in the user's info. The user should now be able to connect to Webmin… SolutionBase: Deploy Dynamic DNS with ease using Webmin May 15, 2007 How to Track User Logon Session Time in Active Directory Lepide Active Directory Auditor – Simplifying your auditing needs. With a cutting-edge auditing solution, like Lepide Active Directory Auditor (part of Lepide Data Security Platform), monitoring and controlling the network activities of your organization is simple.We offer real-time reports with granular details of all the event activities. [How To] Squid and LDAP-authentication from Active Directory

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After that I tried login to webmin and tried.but facing an error: no users found under the base. In LDAP Browser I got all the data from Active directory. even I am facing the error, please help me to find a solution as I am new to this project.

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