A network virtual appliance is often a full Linux virtual machine (VM) image consisting of a Linux kernel and includes user level applications and services. When a VM is created, it first boots the Linux kernel to initialize the system and then starts up any application or management services needed to make the network virtual appliance functional.

Between the two appliance studio applications reviewed in this article, I prefer SUSE Studio over VMware's virtual appliance because of its completely web-based architecture, ease of use, and speed. The Testdrive is an excellent add-on because it saves time on appliance creation, download, deployment, and testing. Currently, SUSE Studio only Install and Configure the Virtual Appliance Install and Configure the Virtual Appliance. The main use for an Alert Logic virtual appliance is for network IDS analysis and scanning in VMWare deployments. If you have experience with VMWare management tools and virtual machine installation, you can install a virtual appliance into your environment to collect network traffic and data. Virtual appliance installations - IBM

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Naturally, the virtual appliance is especially handy when the solution stitches together a host of components or relies on an entire LAMP stack. High performance is guaranteed by a Linux 2.6

A virtual appliance contains a package created as a single .ova (Open Virtualization Format Archive) file or a set of .ovf (Open Virtualization Format) and virtual disk image files. A template is packaged as .tgz file which contains a virtual machine configuration (vm.cfg) files and one or more virtual disks.

Install Kali Linux in virtualbox (using ova file) - Tech Finally, click on “Import” and wait for a few moments to import the Kali Linux Appliance. Now, right click on your Kali Linux Virtual machine as shown below and click on “Settings“. If you need to adjust the amount of RAM, click on “System” and you can move the slider accordingly. I would suggest atleast a minimum of 2048 MB (2GB